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What is the cost of trimming a cedar hedge?

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

18 Factors make the price of a hedge trimming or a tree cutting change

- The variety vs. the species of the wood

- Condition of the dead or healthy tree

- Type of pruning:

Maintenance - Training - Trimming - Felling - Pruning - Pruning - Pruning

- The length, width and thickness of the hedge

- Height and diameter of the tree

- Quantity of frontage to be pruned

- Pruning and/or going next door

- Management of branches to be tied (bracing)

- Equipment required (scaffolding - ladder - boom lift - chipper - stump grinder)

- Location and accessibility of the tree How is it located in relation to the neighborhood?

- Surrounding infrastructure and its obstacles:

Example; fence -pool- plantation-cabin-wooden cord-network wire- animals etc..

- Risks (e.g. electrical wire)

- The topology of the intervention area

- Emergency or weekend work

- With or without pick-up

- Debris management

- Number of employees required

- Distance to cover and its unpredictable obstacles

- Fertilization

- Insect management

- Management with the city and its regulations

- Neighborhood management (e.g. management of fence baffles)

-The number of trees to be cut down on the same lot: because the rate for cutting trees is generally decreasing for more than 2 trees to be cut down and the estimate will be lower

- And its imponderables etc...

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