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Stump Grinding

grubbing, tree trimming, root and stump removal in Laval

Stump Grinding is an important procedure in the maintenance of outdoor spaces, because it allows the stump of a felled tree to be completely or partially removed, as well as its main roots, without causing damage to the direct environment or to underground networks near.
Here are some important points to remember about the best grubbing:
     -Extermination of stumps: Stump removal aims to completely or partially eliminate the stump of the felled tree. This may be necessary for aesthetic reasons, redevelopment, safety or to prevent the regrowth of new growth.
      -Complement to felling: Grubbing is often carried out in addition to felling a tree. Once the tree has been felled, the stump may remain in place, which can be unsightly and non-functional. Grubbing solves this problem by removing the stump.
       -Liability insurance: the teams referred by  É all have liability insurance of $2,000,000 which offers peace of mind to our customers. It means that if damage were to occur during the pruning process training, you are covered, which protects your property.

      Review 5 stoles from Mme  Lulu-Anna
     "I really liked Stéphane's approach and his         professionalism. I give him a big 5 stars."

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