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Hedge trimming

Our master trimmers also provide you with expert advice for trimming and restoring your hedges. 

We are proud to consistently receive

5-star ratings from our customers for the dedicated teams of the Émondeur group


The secret of our success lies in respecting the rules of the art, attention to detail, efficient execution of tasks while preserving the cleanliness and integrity of the premises 100%, always leaving impeccable grounds behind. us. 


We guarantee that your work will be covered by $2 million in liability insurance.


The ideal time to trim a hedge depends on the type of hedge you have, your local climate and your gardening preferences. Here are some points to consider:


Pruning Period: Generally, hedge trimming can be done in spring or fall, when growth is less intense. In spring, you can prune to remove unwanted new growth and shape the hedge. In the fall (late October), light pruning can be done to maintain shape. 


Frequency: As you mentioned, to maintain an aesthetic and dense hedge, it is recommended to prune it at least once a year. However, some hedges benefit from trimming twice a year, usually in spring and late summer. The frequency will depend on the growth of the hedge and the desired result. 


Avoid Frost: It is best to avoid pruning during periods of frost, which can damage new growth and weaken the hedge. Therefore, the recommended pruning period is generally between April and October. 


Regular Intervals: To trim your hedge, try to respect regular intervals from one year to the next. This will help maintain the shape and density of the hedge evenly. 


Know the Type of Hedge: It is essential to know the type of hedge you have, as certain types of hedges require specific care. Some tolerate frequent pruning better, while others may be damaged by excessive pruning. 


Proper Tools: The use of well-maintained and sharp pruning tools, such as shears or hedge trimmers, is necessary to achieve clean and precise results.


It is important to feed and water the hedge to promote healing and regeneration of the branches. The best time to fertilize your cedars is at the beginning of May, applying the fertilizer evenly on each side of the hedge, then at the beginning of June and a final application no later than July 15. 


In short, hedge trimming is a crucial aspect of garden maintenance, which must be carried out regularly and thoughtfully to maintain a healthy and aesthetically pleasing hedge.

Very good services, I recommend them. Out of 5 quotes, they were the least expensive and what can we say about their pruning and hedge trimming services, impeccable!

5 Star Review from Mme Laliberté 

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