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comment soigner par l'HAUBANAGE ET CHIRURGIE D'ARBRE des arbres du québec

Tree guying or bracing sometimes called tree surgery which requires the use of cable


It is a crucial practice for strengthening the structure of trees susceptible to splitting or presenting structural challenges. Here are some essential points to know about tree guying:


Objective: Guying aims to maintain the integrity of trees experiencing structural difficulties by strengthening their frame, thus avoiding a possible division or fall.


Methods and techniques: Guying can be done in different ways, including the use of metal cables, screws, rods or specific systems such as the boa system. Each technique has its own advantages and disadvantages, and will be selected based on the needs of the tree and the circumstances.


Adjustable: Guying systems using metal cables are often adjustable to support the growth of the tree, thus respecting its natural evolution and aesthetics.


Professional practice: Guying is a delicate intervention requiring the expertise of seasoned professionals.


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