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Pruning fruit trees

It is imperative to care for young trees, including fruit trees, after planting to promote their vigorous growth and ensure their long-term health.


A crucial practice in this process is formative pruning, which involves the selective cutting of branches to guide the tree's future structure, prevent growth abnormalities, and minimize disease risks. Here are some key things to note:


Training pruning: This method aims to shape the tree by removing superfluous branches, promoting a balanced distribution of main branches and eliminating competitive or poorly positioned branches. This allows the tree to develop a robust and harmonious structure.


Qualified professionals: In order to guarantee pruning carried out according to the rules of the art, without compromising the growth of the tree, the intervention of qualified professionals is strongly recommended.


Liability insurance: The 3 teams associated with émondage all hold $2,000,000 of liability insurance, providing peace of mind to our customers. This means that if any damage were to occur during the training pruning process, you would be protected, ensuring the safety of your property.


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Best price on 7 submissions. Personality and nbsp; service   Punctual. Thank you very much for your professionalism

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