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When to prune a mature cedar hedge?

Updated: Jan 10

Quand tailler une haie de cèdre mature ?

Contrary to popular belief, the best time to trim a hedge is in late June. Many people think that it is in August. This is not untrue, but a few things need to be said.

If you have your hedge trimmed annually in the spring, go with a spring trim. If it's in August, go with an August pruning. The important thing is not to prune into the cedar wood, which is not that far behind the annual growth. By pruning annually you avoid pruning into the wood and the hedge is really more beautiful and dense.

Pruning every two years often results in "holes" in the center, because the branches are heavier, the snow has probably made them heavier, and we must inevitably prune a little in the wood. This means more work to prune because you have to tie up branches to avoid cutting them and accentuate the holes in the hedge.

In fact, a hedge can be trimmed from April to September, with the more severe trimming done in the spring and the lighter trimming done in September, so that the hedge is perfect for winter. It would also be a shame to have your hedge trimmed in August, when your vacation is in July and you are enjoying your outdoor yard.

If you want a denser hedge more quickly, we recommend two annual prunings, the addition of compost or fertilizer to make the hedge greener, and then another fertilizer to give it strength and a beautiful growth. Please note that the nutrient supply will make your hedge grow faster, so pruning should be done annually.

A hedge that is pruned every two or three years will take much longer to become truly beautiful. Also, when your hedge is in the sun, you can prune a little more severely, whereas a hedge in the shade requires a much lighter cut, a pruning.

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