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Recycling cedar hedge trimmings helps nourish your cedars by providing them with quality nutrients

How and Why Recycle Cedar Hedge Cuttings?

Cedar hedge trimmings contain essential nutrients, providing a sustainable opportunity to reuse them rather than throw them away. Find out how to turn these cuttings into a nourishing resource for the cedars in your garden.

Steps to Recycle Your Cedar Hedge Cuttings

Collection of Hedge Cuttings Start with a careful collection of cedar hedge cuttings, avoiding diseased or pest-infested branches.

Natural Decomposition Arrange the cedar cuttings on the ground around the bases of your trees. Natural decomposition will gradually enrich the soil with organic matter, ensuring a continuous nutrient supply.

Here are the advantages of Natural Decomposition

Soil Enrichment: Cedar cuts promote slow decomposition, enriching the soil with organic matter.

Moisture Retention: During dry periods, decomposition helps retain moisture.

Weed Protection: Create a natural mulch with cedar cuttings, reducing weed growth.

Granular Fertilization with Trace Elements In addition to natural decomposition, consider the application of a granular fertilization containing trace elements. These essential nutrients promote optimal growth of cedars.

Integration into the Pruning Cycle Make the recovery of cedar hedge cuts an integral part of your pruning cycle. This practice creates a sustainable and self-sustaining system.

Tips and Precautions

Avoid Chemical Treatments: Before using the cuttings as fertilizer, make sure the cedars have not been treated with harmful chemicals.

Cut Properly: Adopt proper pruning techniques to promote healthy cedars and facilitate recovery of cuts.

Eco-Responsible Practice

Give New Life to your Cedar Cups

Encourage an eco-responsible approach by going beyond the simple recovery of cedar hedge cuttings for your personal use. Consider the virtuous gesture of donating your cedar trimmings to specialized organizations that carry out personalized collection at your home. These organizations are committed to transforming these cuts in an ecological and economical way.

Ensuring the transformation of cedar trimmings from an ecological and economic perspective is essential. This process ensures the reduction of green waste while providing environmental benefits.

Recycling cedar hedges is beneficial for everyone

Organizations such as Arbresssence on the north shore of Montreal are involved in this collection and ensure that they respect government environmental standards, thus ensuring the 100% purity of the products resulting from the processing of cedar trimmings.

By contributing to these initiatives, you actively participate in preserving the environment while promoting a circular economy.

Adopt this eco-responsible gesture and rest assured that your cedar trimmings play a beneficial role on several levels, both for your garden and for the planet.


By recycling cedar hedge cuttings, you are adopting an environmentally friendly approach while promoting the health of your garden. Practice this eco-friendly method and see how it helps your cedars thrive over time.

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