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Diseases and insects of trees or cedars

To preserve the health and stability of your trees, regular monitoring is essential to detect signs of diseases, parasites or other problems early.

 Your knowledgeable team of arborists seems perfectly equipped to provide these services. Here are some key points to keep in mind:


Problem Identification: Your arborists have the ability to spot various threats to the health of your trees, such as fungus, bacteria, and insect pests. Identifying these threats early allows you to act effectively.


Advice on treatments: Your team can direct you to the right treatments to keep your trees healthy. Sometimes simple pruning can remove diseased or weakened areas. In other cases, chemical or biological treatments may be necessary.


Early detection: It is crucial to detect problems early. Some diseases, like the borer, can be tricky to identify until they are advanced. Periodic assessment of your trees during regular visits can help identify these problems in time.


Prevention of Spread: When a disease or infestation is detected, steps should be taken to prevent its spread to other trees. Isolation and proper treatment of affected trees is often required.


Here is the link to the list of tree diseases in Quebec:

how to treat disease and insect of the trees of Quebec
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