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How much does it cost to have a tree pruned, cut down or trim a hedge?

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Here's an expanded list of factors that can influence the cost of tree and hedge services, as well as different types of pruning or trimming:

  • Condition of the tree (dead or healthy).

  • Height and diameter of the tree or branches.

  • Dimensions of the hedge (length, width, and thickness).

  • Number of frontages for hedge trimming (with or without neighboring sides).

  • Tree variety or wood species.

  • Management of branches to be tied (bracing).

  • Equipment required (scaffolding, ladder, aerial ladder, shredder, stump grinder).

  • Location and accessibility of the tree relative to the neighborhood.

  • Access and working space, considering surrounding infrastructure and obstacles (fences, pools, plantings, sheds, ropes, wires, animals, etc.).

  • Risks, such as proximity to electrical wires.

  • Topography of the intervention area and soil type (earth, pavement, asphalt, excavated, water).

  • Emergency or weekend service availability.

  • Debris management.

  • Number of employees required.

  • Distance to cover and unpredictable obstacles.

  • Fertilization needs.

  • Insect and animal management.

  • Compliance with city regulations.

  • Neighborhood considerations, including fence management.

  • Number of trees to be cut on the same property (with potential discounts for cutting multiple trees).

  • Type of pruning or trimming (Maintenance, Training, Trimming, Felling, Pruning, Raising, Thinning, Rebuilding, Cleaning, Clearing).

These factors all play a role in determining the cost and scope of tree and hedge services. It's essential to consider each element when estimating or contracting these services.

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Tree pruning and cedar hedge trimming prices

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