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Taille de haie Pointe-Calumet

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Confiez vos besoins en taille de haie Émondage Simard. Que vous ayez besoin d'une simple taille de routine pour garder vos haies bien entretenues ou que vous souhaitiez tailler des arbres plus grands et plus complexes, notre équipe peut le faire avec efficacité et professionnalisme. Nous sommes la référence en taille de haie à Pointe-Calumet.

Here are several advantages of choosing Émondage for your tree felling Laval

1.  Our main working area isdownstream: The fact that our company is based in Laval and that the majority of our customers are there may be an advantage for those looking for local service. This likely means faster response times and better knowledge of local regulations.

2.    Fast Service for Tree Fellings: The commitment to providing fast service for tree fellings can be attractive in quickly resolving a dangerous, disturbing or diseased tree problem.

3.    Free and Fast Estimates: Offering free and fast estimates allows you to plan accordingly without an upfront financial commitment.

4.    Permit Application Assistance: The fact that we can help our clients obtain the necessary permits for tree felling in Laval can be a valuable service, as local regulations can be complex and time-consuming.

5.    Knowledge of the new rules: We inform and/or support our customers in order to obtain a permit to cut down a tree in Laval, even in the backyard. Our knowledge of local rules demonstrates our commitment to complying with laws and providing compliant service.

6.    Awareness of reforestation: A felled tree must be replaced by a new tree of the same size in order to preserve the environment and maintain the beauty of Laval.

It is clear that the ville de Laval has implemented strict regulations regarding the felling and pruning of trees to protect the environment and ensure public safety. Here are some important points to remember from these regulations:

Valid reasons for felling a tree:

  1. The tree is dead.

  2. The tree is in a state of decline.

  3. The tree causes damage, provided that this is demonstrated by a city arboriculture professional.

  4. The tree is dangerous.


Invalid reasons for slaughter:

  1. The fall of twigs, leaves, flowers or fruits.

  2. The presence of roots on the soil surface.

  3. The presence of insects or animals.

  4. Shade and its impact on plant growth.

  5. Bad smells.

  6. Damage or inconvenience linked to the release of gum, oil, resin or sap.

  7. The release of pollen or moss.

Prohibited practices:

  1. Pruning 25% or more of the branches.

  2. Topping the tree.

  3. Loss of more than 25% of the root system.

  4. Covering the root system.

  5. The use of spurs to climb the tree.

It is important to call an arboriculture expert for any felling or pruning work, as the consequences of illegal practices can be costly. Fines for illegally felling a tree are severe, ranging from $400 up to $40,000.00 for a single illegally felled tree, with additional fines for the owner and contractor involved. In addition, the regulation requires the replacement of the felled tree.

It is therefore essential to be supported in order to respect these strict rules to avoid substantial fines and contribute to the preservation of the urban environment of the City of Laval. For full information and specific details, it is recommended to consult the official website of the City of Laval or contact local authorities for advice and appropriate permits

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