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Pickup in Laval:

On appointment

New address

928, 11 AVENUE


Possible delivery to  your costs

Contact us for more details  

or to validate your price according to your city.

Our 14-foot 3-legged fruit ladders are Grade 1 Canadian made.

Our Falcon ladders are manufactured in Canada to strict Canadian standards.

*They are the best on the market for your orchard or hedge trimming projects. 


High safety standards: rigorously Grade 1 approved.

For 40 years, the #1 FALCON ladder manufacturer in Canada has guaranteed exceptional stability thanks to their three-legged structure, providing optimal safety for working with complete confidence.


Guaranteed robustness: our 14-foot orchard tripod ladders are manufactured with high-quality materials and assembled with aeronautical rivets for even load distribution and long-term durability (better than welding). Designed to withstand outdoor conditions, they offer a safe and versatile solution for hedge trimming and orchard maintenance. 


Lightweight, sturdy and comfortable, our Falcon ladders are the number one choice for landscapers and apple growers, offering great stability and optimal freedom of movement.


Closed height: 14 feet

Width: 55 inches

Weight: 38 pounds


1 leg adjustable from 6 to 18 inches: Sold separately $150


Take advantage of free pickup in Laval   

Sale to the public by appointment at our new address: 

928 11e avenue, Fabreville, Laval, H7R 4M7. 

Call 514-755-7578 for more information. 


Delivery costs (plus taxes):  

  • Laval: $120
  • Montreal: $150.00
  • North Crown of Laval (south of Highway 640): $150  
  • West Island of Montreal: $160
  • Valleyfield and surrounding areas: $160
  • St-Jérôme: $170
  • South Crown of Montreal (north of Highway 30): $180  
  • Ste-Adèle: $180
  • Granby - St-Jean-sur-le-Richelieu: $180
  • Sherbrooke / Magog: $240
  • Gatineau / Ottawa: $240
  • Trois-Rivières: $240
  • Drummondville: $240;
  • Coaticook: $260
  • Taxes not included


Find out more about the Falcon manufacturer:Video

*Recommendations and instructions

Please follow these guidelines to ensure safe use of tripod ladders:

*Here are some of the recommendations: Video

Angle and positioning: Respect an angle of approximately 70 to 75° to avoid slipping. Keep your body facing and centered, in contact with the ladder on three points of support, and ensure that the tripod leg is straight and centered on the upright. Do not climb higher than the second to last post from the top.

Work surface: Use the ladder only on soft ground, such as dirt or grass. Avoid uneven or unstable surfaces.

Inspection: Always inspect your ladder before each use.

Compliance with safety standards: Be sure to work in accordance with the recommendations of the CNESST and tool manufacturers to guarantee optimal safety during your work. Before using your ladder, take the time to carefully read all labels and understand the patterns on the scale. This crucial information provides you with important instructions regarding ladder assembly, use, and safety. Be sure to follow all instructions to avoid accidents and ensure optimal use of your equipment. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to consult the user manual or contact the manufacturer for additional clarification. By following these instructions, you will be able to fully enjoy using our ladders safely.   


The scale sizes in the photos are for information purposes only. 


Erratum of October 1, 2022: Previous advertisements may contain information obsolete. The current prices and delivery conditions are those indicated on é  

14 Feet Orchard Ladder with 3 Legs - For Hedge Trimming and Landscaping

C$899.99 Regular Price
C$699.99Sale Price
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