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Pickup in Laval:

On appointment

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928, 11 AVENUE


Possible delivery to  your costs

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or to validate your price according to your city.

Book now !  *The 8-foot 3-legged Tripod Stepladder: Your Essential Tool for Landscaping, Hedge Trimming and Orchard Management (for apple growers). 

Discover the best 3-legged tripod ladder, an essential ally for carrying out landscaping and orchard maintenance work. 


Superior safety standards: Our 8-foot ladders are rigorously Grade 1 approved, guaranteeing optimal reliability and safety for all your work at height. 

For 40 years, Canada's #1 FALCON ladder manufacturer has been committed to providing products offering exceptional stability, allowing you to work with complete confidence. 


1. Reinforced Stability: 3-legged tripod stepladders offer unrivaled stability. Their three-legged design ensures balanced weight distribution, making them safer than traditional two-legged ladders, especially for overhead tasks. 

2. Sturdy and Durable: Our tripod stepladders are made from premium quality materials that are resistant to corrosion, rust and impact. You can count on their longevity, making this investment a wise choice for many years to come. 

3. Versatility and Comfort: Adopted by landscapers, cedar hedge trimmers and apple growers, these lightweight ladders on the market allow you to increase your efficiency while guaranteeing unwavering stability. They are designed to make your work easier. 

4. Adaptation to Flat Terrain: These tripod ladders are specially designed to work on flat ground covered with earth or grass. They are ideal for picking fruit, trimming hedges and many other horticultural tasks. 

5. Compliance with Safety Standards: It is essential to respect CNESST safety standards when using ladders and stepladders. Find out about these essential standards


For your convenience, we offer free pickup in Laval. We sell to the public by appointment, at our new address: 928, 11e avenue Fabreville, Laval, H7R 4M7. 


For any information, do not hesitate to contact us at 514-755-7578.  


To find out the delivery costs for your region, see the list below: 

Laval: $120

Montreal: $150.00

North Crown of Laval (south of Highway 640): $150;

West Island of Montreal: $160;

Valleyfield: $160

St-Jérôme: $170 

South Crown of Montreal (north of Highway 30): $180;

Ste-Adèle: $180

Granby - St-Jean-sur-le-Richelieu: $180;

Sherbrooke / Magog: $240

Gatineau / Ottawa: $240

Trois-Rivières: $240

Drummondville: $240;

Coaticook: $260

Taxes extra

If your city is not mentioned, contact us at 514-755-7578. 


Option Available as an Supplement: Leg adjustable from 6 to 18 inches at $150. 


Find out more about the Falcon manufacturer: Video

*Recommendations and instructions

Please follow these guidelines to ensure safe use of tripod ladders:

*Here are some of the recommendations: Video

Angle and positioning: Respect an angle of approximately 70 to 75° to avoid slipping. Keep your body facing and centered, in contact with the ladder on three points of support, and ensure that the tripod leg is straight and centered on the upright. Do not climb higher than the second before last post from the top. Read the label and see the diagrams on the scale. 

Work surface: Use the ladder only on soft ground, such as dirt or grass. Avoid uneven or unstable surfaces.

Inspection: Always inspect your ladder before each use.

Compliance with safety standards: Make sure you work in accordance with the recommendations of the CNESST and tool manufacturers to guarantee optimal safety during your work. By following these instructions, you will be able to fully enjoy using our ladders safely.   


The scale sizes in the photos are for information purposes only. 


Erratumfrom October 1, 2022: Previous advertisements may contain outdated information. The current prices and delivery conditions are those indicated on 

8 Feet Stepladder - 3 Legs Orchard Ladder for Trimming Hedges and Trees

C$599.99 Regular Price
C$399.99Sale Price
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