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How to keep your annuals long

Updated: Jan 10


Expert advice on how to keep your potted annuals in good condition while you're away!

The vacations are approaching and you have planned a trip outside, how do you help your plants survive?

It's not uncommon for your plants to suffer the consequences of a few days without maintenance; the leaves turn yellow and the flowers wither.

What to do with your potted plants while you are away?

Place your annuals, vegetables or planters in the shade before you leave, which will reduce the need for watering.

Adding compost, cedar mulch or sphagnum moss to the soil will help it retain its moisture

Use a potted water reservoir that provides water to your plants when the soil dries out.

To reduce watering of your bedding plants, simply add cedar mulch that conserves soil moisture.

Water abundantly before going away for a long period of time.

When planting, add Aquagrain, polymer granules that absorb up to 500 times their weight in water in 30 to 60 minutes. This controlled-release water supply is ideal for potted plants, hanging baskets, flower beds and vegetable gardens.

You can also ask a neighbor, relative or friend to come and water your plants.

Buy a manual watering system (drip irrigation)

When purchasing your plants, select drought tolerant plants, especially if you will be away from home several times during the summer.

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